Technical Planning

Careful planning is required along with a good amount of foresight and experience.

Beyond having strong web developers, Prestige Design boasts interface designers, usability engineers, and quality assurance pros—who refine wireframes and create technical specifications that outline exactly how the site will function. The result is a project that is not only well coded but also well engineered from top to bottom.

To sufficiently plan and account for a vast range of unique environments that websites are forced to operate in, we work to strike a balance between rigidity and flexibility in our technical specifications. If a spec is too strict and unyielding, systems will be unable to adapt to changes that inevitably occur throughout the process. However, leave a spec undefined and vague, and developers are left making rushed decisions and hacking together solutions, which run the risk of breaking the site sometime down the road.

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  1. Lorenc
    They just have that “wow!” affect on you. They come up with exactly what you want before you even knew you wanted it!

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