Video & Motion Graphics

Integrating video into your digital strategy.

Online video is rapidly becoming a key weapon in the marketer’s armour. Internet-enabled TV is rapidly becoming mainstream and brands are waking up to the realization that video can deliver a potency and marketing capability that has so far eluded them.

From video reviews to product demonstration and beyond, the consumer is seeing the benefit of interacting with motion graphics across web, tablet and mobile. For brands, video encourages interaction and enhances SEO. We are moving beyond the era of surprise and delight into one of consumer expectation. If you haven’t got video, you haven’t got customers.

Our video team’s long-standing experience in multimedia, motion graphics and video production ranges from storyboarding and conceptualisation through 3D animation and location shoots, to edits and post-production. Integrating video into your digital strategy delivers a higher level of interaction to the customer and a far deeper engagement with your brand than was ever thought possible.

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